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Calder Holbrook
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A new mode of self-expression is in your hands

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My thoughts about Covid-19 protocols in golf must wait

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Know which ones are poison and which ones are safe to eat

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Seeking Investors To Sell Suds In God’s Kingdom

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I deem this federal trial for armed robbery an appropriate forum for my long-standing grievance on this matter

Learn from my mistake and don’t let your little finger become an astronaut.

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Ending your mystery need not be a mystery

Rip off the ending of the book you are ripping off

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I am sorry to be the bearer of this news

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What you need to know about it

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Which one is right for you to write on the side?

Cemetery caretaker

Calder Holbrook

Calder Holbrook is an LA comedy writer, and an actor most recently seen in Peacock's A.P. Bio.

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